Friday, October 2, 2009

Awesome Giveaways! (October)

Awesome giveaways I have found! Check back frequently as I will be crossing out the ones that are over and adding new ones almost daily! 

••Giveaway for the most adorable baby/toddler shoes on Penelope's Oasis! ENDED OCT. 2nd
••A good reminder about good giveaway manners, plus tons of links to awesome giveaways! :) (Thanks Annie!) CLICK HERE!
••Win a cute turquoise knit baby RuffleButt bloomer on Piece of Me! ENDS OCT. 9th!
••Win a baby outfit from Kumquat on Piece of Me! ENDS OCT 11th!
••Win a gorgeous hand-smocked dress by PerryWinkles on Piece of Me! ENDS OCT. 13th!
••Win a bingo game from Work and Play Day by Day! ENDS OCT. 15th!
••Win Christopher Bean coffee from Take Time To Smell The Rose! ENDS OCT. 15th!
••Penelope's Oasis is doing a giveaway going for a darling "Flirty Apron!" ENDS OCT. 16th!
••Piece of Me is giving away an adorable coveral pajama from Hatley! I have to say these are the most adorable pajamas I have ever seen! ENDS OCT. 16th!
••I Thode You So is doing a giveaway for a Happy Baby Foods gift pack! It's organic, people- check it out! ;) ENDS OCT. 23rd!
••I Thode You So is giving away a full sized plush blanket from Modern Baby Co. ENDS OCT. 28th!
••Enter to win a Starbucks gift pack from Mevolving! You know I love me some DCCF from SB! ENDS OCT. 29th!
••Piece of Me is giving away as $50 gift card to Just Ducky Originals. Boy do they have some cute stuff! ENDS OCT. 30th!
••Win a set of Vision Forum CD's on Joyfully Living. These look like  some really good info! ENDS OCT. 30th!
••At the Well is also giving away some Vision Forum CDs, so go check it out! ENDS OCT. 30th!
••Familylicious Reviews is giving away a BornFree sippy cup! ENDS OCT. 30th!
••Win a cute pair of piggy tail bows on Mommy Chic! ENDS OCT. 31st!
••Win a classic children's book (The Story of Ferdinand the bull) on My Review Blog! ENDS OCT. 31st!

••OODLES of giveaways HERE and HERE!

Your turn! :) MckLinky up! You can still link your giveaways even if I have already highlighted them above. ;)
In the space that says Link Title, use this format: YourBlogName - Giveaway Title [End date]. Link to the giveaway post specifically, not just to your blog in general. You may make a new MckLinky entry for each giveaway.
PLEASE make sure you follow this format so it is easy for me to maintain and easy for people to view and use. Entries will stay on the list until they expire (until the giveaway ends). I will try to delete expired giveaways daily to keep this list fresh and easy to view.
I will create a new list each month. This MckLinky list will run now through Oct. 31st. Check back Nov. 1st for a new list.
>>>>MckLinky for October is now CLOSED<<<<


  1. Sorry to here about your Nana~
    I hope you enjoy your visist together!
    Should I expect my package soon?
    Where you able get it mailed off?


  2. Yes, I posted here:
    that I had sent it with my husband to mail. It should be there any day now. :) I was going to email you too but didn't get the chance. My computer is barely hanging in there and I can only do so much before it overheats and refuses to turn back on. So then the next day I had forgotten that I still hadn't emailed you. Sorry about that!

  3. I have tried to leave a comment a few times but my computer can be finicky too! I was so glad you won you have a beautiful blog and are very talented. I would love to learn to do more with my hands, it is on my list of things to do!!

  4. Hi *Mirage*!

    I have enjoyed the comments you leave on my blog and wanted to chat with you at greater length. I don't see an email address here, though. Will you email me w/ your addy?

  5. Thank you Cheryl!

    Thank you Connie! I emailed you! :)


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