Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Never talk on the phone while carrying a pot of boiling greasy water

Never ever talk on the phone while carrying a pot of boiling greasy water if you're clumsy...
I was on the phone with my husband last night (he is out of town on business) when it happened. I had just fed the kids sandwiches and put them to bed and started getting shaky, realized I needed some protein, but the hamburgers were frozen. I decided to boil a couple because I didn't feel like taking half an hour to fry them apart without burning them (they were stuck frozen together). So I put the burgers in the pot with water and boiled them and as I was fishing the cooked burgers out the phone rang and it was my husband. As I was talking to him, I was carrying the pot of very greasy water to the sink and I'm clumsy so I stumbled a bit and it sloshed onto my belly. It started at the bottom of my ribcage and ran downward to my waist, boiling the skin off as it went, and soaked into the shirt spreading out to the sides too, all in less than a second and I screamed and plopped the pot into the sink to rip my shirt off. Thankfully the kids didn't come running in/start screaming sincethey were in bed supposed to be sleeping. So all of a whole 2 seconds after it happened I'm pulling off my shirt and look down and there's pieces of the top few layers of skin just hanging off in chunks. Ewwww! And OWWWWWW!!!!
I held a wet paper towel on it, then after about 20 minutes of pacing back and forth in pain with a wet paper towel on my belly, I told hubby I've gotta get off the phone to deal with this burn, it's BAD. I was trying not to cry. He's out of town and doesn't need to worry any more than he already was just hearing the whole thing happen. I got off the phone and slathered the burn in the salve I love so much (which it HURT super bad to touch it to put anything on it!) and then put a 6"x6" wet paper towel over that (nothing smaller would work- it was a large burn), then I put a dishtowel over THAT and put a bag of frozen peas on top, which I kept on there for a good hour. I had to take some extra strength tylenol because I was in so much pain. I thought I needed to go get it looked at but I was not in favor of getting the kids up and driving an hour to the city (our local hosp.- heard so many bad bad stories I would not go there unless I was dying!) with a bag of frozen peas on my stomach. Plus I'd slathered so much salve on there they wouldn't be able to see anything and that salve does not wash off... I put so much on there it had not absorbed yet and it would have to be scraped off. No thank you. Not signing up for more pain! Not to mention I would feel silly making such a big deal out of myself over something that was not lifethreatening. And then there's the money. So I opted to stay home and pray the salve would do the trick.
I spilled the grease at around 9pm and by 11pm I had had enough of the frozen peas and taken them off. By midnight the Tylenol and salve had kicked in and I was not in pain anymore. So I put a 6x6" gauze pad over the salve and since I didn't have any tape I held it down with band-aids. Lol!
It is sore today but I changed the bandage at 9am and the redness and swelling has gone on the sides. The stripe in the middle where the greasewater hit first is blistered and missing some skin but the redness has gone and it is only a little sore. The sides of the burn where there weren't blisters are not even red anymore and only a little tender to the touch. My poor skin where it got boiled off though... The poor skin that is left is not ready to be skin yet and is kind of oozing white blood cells and super tender.
There's no infection though and the swelling is totally gone. Just some blisters and missing skin now. I love that salve... I don't think any infection could live through it. It's better than neosporin! I am so pleased with how much better it looks today. Last night I thought I might wind up with scars on half my tummy but today it's only the boiled off blistered area that looks like it will scar. It might not though if it keeps healing at this rate. It'a amazing how much it's improved just overnight. I am glad now though that I didn't go to the ER or something, seeing how much better it was after only 12 hours. Yay! It hurt SO BAD for those first 3 hours though.

There will not be a giveaway this week. There may not be a giveaway next week either because I will be out of town. The week after that should be normal though and I am planning a giveaway. :)

I was going to post my Toddler Tales Tuesday last night but as you have just read, I kind of got distracted. I was going to eat my tasty boiled hamburgers while I posted it. *sigh* One of my hands was occupied holding a bag of frozen peas though so I did not do much typing after all. Oh well, there is always next Tuesday, right?

I finished my book finally. Only the River Runs Free by Bodie and Brock Thoene. It was pretty good. I enjoyed it. I had tried to read it when I was a teen but it was too slow for me then. I can't imagine how I found it too slow!!! It's very good and keeps you interested. I like a book that is interesting enough that you think about what could happen next when you are not reading it. I would be cooking supper and wondering what might happen next. :) It was not as good as some books I've read but it was good and I might read it again someday.
My favorite book ever ever ever is The Oath by Frank Peretti and if you have not read that one you need to. It's very scary but awesome! I loved the paralels of the dragon to Satan and how he rotted their hearts and controlled them. Peretti's newer one, Monster, is good too but it doesn't top The Oath.

Aaaaannnnnd I'm being "mommy"-ed at. Always in demand! I feel so popular... ;) I've got a busy day with hubby out of town. I won a cookbook which I am going to use to make some freezer meals for myself and others. Particularly my friend who is mentioned in my prayer requests in the side bar. I'm not sure when they are going to induce her but the baby's lungs are not mature yet. There is a problem with the cord and they need to get the baby out as soon as possible so we're hoping and praying the lungs mature ASAP!

Last night the kids kept waking up all night. So I'm really tired. I'm gonna go take a nap with my littles. I hope you all are having a great week so far! :)


  1. Yikes! That sounds awful! I hope everything works out okay.

  2. Oh how scary! I hope you are healing well! (and OUCH!)

  3. I never thought I would meet someone who understands my clumsiness... I also recently burnt myself very badly. The first was on my finger, I was clumsy and was cleaning a stove element that I thought was turned off, but it wasn't... and burnt my finger very badly. Then later that day I burnt my arm twice while ironing my hair. And then 2 days later I was making neo citron and the boiling water fell out of the kettle and scorched my hand. That one will probably scar, it's nasty. It looks like a purple bruise one inch in diameter. I feel your pain, I'm glad you are healing so fast though!


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