Thursday, October 1, 2009


Work & Play, Day By Day
This week for homeschool with my 3 year old we played with pennies. :) We count them. I quiz her on how many pennies is a nickel, dollar, etc worth. We arrange them to form pictures and then act out stories with the pennies as people. We played bank with an empty wipes box and were making withdrawals and deposits, counting how many we took out and put in. We counted how many would fit in between our toes and then tried to walk without dropping any. It's been quite fun inventing games to play with my Chicklet. :) The hard part is keeping the pennies put up when my 1 year old is roaming. ;) He would put them in his mouth and that is just nasty.
Do you have any ideas for learning games to play with pennies with a preschooler?

Come back Tuesday for Toddler Tales! I have something great to share about Bug! ;)


  1. Hey! Sorry I was late getting this up today.

    Have you tried cleaning pennies yet? I have a post on my blog with instructions if you use the google search box in the right sidebar. My kids thought it was a blast!

    Thanks for joining in!


  2. Those are great ideas! Have you tried stacking them to see who can build the tallest tower? I remember years ago thinking all the things I would need to teach when in reality we can teach so much with the everyday things around us!

  3. Thank you for the ideas! I'm sure she will love to stack them, and I will check out the penny cleaning post too! :)


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