Monday, September 21, 2009

Mommy Moments Monday: Slimy Fresh Pumpkin Seeds

Tonight my husband brought home a pie pumpkin. Cutest little thing it was! We do not celebrate Halloween but my 3 year old Chicklet has seen puimpkins around in autumn displays and learned what they are called. The other day she came up to me and asked me, "Mama? Do we need to get a pumpkin?" I had to laugh. I don't know where she got the notion that we needed one. Probably just wanted to see a real one since she'd never seen a real one. So tonight my husband walks in with a little pie pumpkin and asks me to hand it to Chicklet for him while he puts down his armload of stuff. She grinned huge, took it, turned over and over, asked, "What is it?" and then looked up with an ah-ha look and exclaimed, "It's a pumpkin! Is it Daddy? Is it a pumpkin?" It was so cute! She then wanted to open it and eat it so after putting little Bug to bed, the three of us took that pumpkin apart. :) It was such a special time, with me slicing and peeling chunks of pumpkin, my husband washing them off and grating them, and Chicklet sitting in front of me with a huge grin and a pile of slimy pumpkin seeds in front of her, eating them. I tried to convince her to wait until they'd been washed, salted, and roasted before eating them because they would taste better. But she wouldn't have it, she just smiled sweetly and told me they were yummy as she stuck another slimy seed in her mouth. And of course I just smiled back and let her have her pumpkin seeds as she liked- what kind of mother would I be to dampen the spirits of a 3 year old helping to take apart her first pumpkin? ;) We are going to make yummy pumpkin bread out of it, maybe tomorrow or the next day, and she is going to love helping with that as much as she did the first stage I think. :) I just love these sweet family moments, these special memories!

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