Monday, September 21, 2009

To the Mothers of Boys, and of girls

This is a post that you really should read. We as mothers (and fathers) have an obligation to our sons to raise them up to be REAL men. Book learning and a few good manners are a wonderful start but they also need to have a good work ethic, integrity, and the willingness to FOLLOW THROUGH and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their actions! And not only our sons, but our daughters too! Do your kids know how to help around the house? do a thorough job? fess up and pay for it if they break or loose something? respect adults?

To mothers of daughters, what kind of man do you want your sweet daughter to marry? Do you want her to marry someone like one of the boys in the linked post?
Do you want your sons to marry decent hardworking girls? If we aren't careful to make sure they don't turn out like the ones in the linked post then what decent sort of girl would have them?

My son is only 1 year old and my daughter only 3 so I really don't think long and often about dealing with their character as teens, but that post was a good wake up call. It reminded me again that these toddler years are so precious and valuable in character training and I should not put off thinking about their adult character until they are teens. Now, I do know this already that character training begins at birth, as I'm sure you already know too, but don't we just get so caught up in daily life sometimes that it's good to have a reminder to bring us back? Here was a post that served as a reminder to me to get my thinking back on track, so I wanted to share it with you dear mothers. Perhaps you needed the reminder today, and perhaps you did not. I hope you get something good out of it anyway. :)


  1. Thank you SO much for this post! I too think of these things frequently. I have four precious little boys ranging in ages from 16 months to 10 years. I have always prayed that one day my boys would find good Christian Girls, but one day I realized I had not been praying for the complete thing. Now, I pray they will find those girls, but that they will grow to be what we train them to be. The Cristian Boys that those Chistian Girls are looking for.

  2. Oh you're welcome! It just hit home for me and was a good reminder so I couldn't resist passing it on! :)


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