Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Toddler Tales Tuesday: The Shark, The Vacuum, and The Snacks

This afternoon I found an old pouch type carrier I crocheted and put Bug (13 months) in it. He is so heavy that it sags down and he is completely buried in it, but can see out between the stitches. I picked him up and down, slung the pouch over my shoulder like a purse, and pretended I didn't know where I misplaced my baby. He was meanwhile giggling so hard he kept nearly choking on giggles. I then took the bag off my shoulder and handed it to my husband who opened it and "surprise!" there was a baby in there. Bug got such a kick out of the game he was in hysterics laughing so hard!

Chicklet (3) informed me this morning that she needed m&m's for breakfast.

Chicklet is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. When I turn it on she cries and climbs on the table or couch to get away from it. The other day my husband was vacuuming in the hallway for me (isn't he a prince?) and Chicklet was perched on the back of the tallest couch. Bug was crawling around the living room and I heard Chicklet say, "Ack! A shark!" When Bug heard her voice he began crawling toward her at top speed and then stood up and tried to reach for her. She was screeching about the shark (I assume that would be Bug) trying to get on her boat (the couch?) and both kids were laughing and had forgotten all about the vacuum in the hallway.

The day after my dear husband vacuumed for me, I was draining some meat as I was cooking supper and Bug was in the walker. Chicklet reached up on the island and got Bug's can of puffs, telling me that Buggie needs a snack. Ummm... So I finished draining my meat, put water in my pot and set it on the stove, and looked up in time to see Chicklet replacing the container back on the island. I looked over at Bug, who was trying to get his walker back up into the kitchen (going backwards I might add- silly boy) from the living room (there is a 1/2 inch drop from the tile to the carpet), and saw Chicklet had given him just a few puffs:

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